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Superior Walk in Bath will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again. The Superior is   designed to fit perfectly into your existing shower stall or previous bath tub. Our tubs are designed around your convenience and comfort so that you can bathe without any assistance. Our Walk in bath tubs will allow you to enjoy the comfort of bathing in the privacy of your own home again.

The magnificent Superior will bring back the pleasure of a peaceful bath once again. The Superior offers an inward opening door, making entry and exit from the bath a simple process. The Superior offers the lowest step in on the market today which will in turn provide you with safety and comfort you are looking for. This 5 inch step will eliminate the need for any assistance when entering the tub. Once inside the Superior, you simply lower yourself onto the 17" inch contoured seat and begin bathing.

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Therapeutic Jets

Let the 24-jet warm air massage system add a truly therapeutic element to your walk in bath system. The centrally located directional jet massage system uses only pre-warmed air or water to refresh and soothe your aches away. The combination of being immersed in water with a warm air system provides an incomparable therapeutic effect and offers the user that well deserved spa experience.

The Superior Whirlpool spa system does not re-circulate bath water you can maintain a bacteria free bathing environment, especially important when more than one person will be using the bath.

Walk In Bath Inline Heater

Most traditional baths do not protect the user from receiving very hot scalding water when the bath is being filled. The inline heater will maintain the preset temperature and prevent you from such scalding water. Our system blends hot and cold water for you ensuring you never receive water temperatures that could harm you. Temperatures can be adjusted for comfort but the bather will never be introduced to a water temperature above the pre-set maximum.


  • Fits into standard 60"stall
  • Hydrotherapy Water and Air Whirlpool Spa
  • Fits through any door frame

Additional pricing

  • +$650 Dual Spa option
  • +$250 Kohler Faucets
  • Comes in Left or Right Hand Door
  • Color option: White or Soft Cream

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